Too old for Narnia and done with Westeros? Step into Tales of the Known World
Too old for Narnia and done with Westeros?
Step into Tales of the Known World.

✔ You like the Hobbit, the Witcher, and Game of Thrones.
✔ You want a gripping story with a fresh take on fantasy.
✔ You're questing for a series you can pick up again and again.

Claim your FREE copy of this epic fantasy now!

"The book that fantasy fans dream about." - Readers' Favorite

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Life is an Adventure. Are You Ready?
This FREE epic fantasy is "brimming with enlightened spark." [JH]

Site Navigation Index Master directory of all TotKW content #TotKW by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13
Use these tags to navigate to the topics you want to read.

Indented taglines divide serial posts by purpose and content.

Check out the Resources page for more links.

Series Tags mark the different types of serial posts on the blog.

Spark: posts sharing my personal creative spark
Content directory at
inspiration & spark: series of my adventures and personal philosophy
an introduction: series of definitions for important content tags

Workshops: posts exploring a writing exercise or concept
Content directory at
a character workshop: series of workshops about characterization
a storycraft workshop: series of writing workshops about storycraft
a style workshop: series of workshops about elements of writing style
a wordsmith workshop: series of writing workshops about wordsmithy

Maps: posts displaying map images
Content directory at
a monthly ballot: series of monthly votes for the best TotKW maps
a regional profile: series of map overviews from the TotKW saga

+ Commissions: posts displaying commissioned maps
Content directory at
a map commission: series of map commission posts

Worldbuilding: posts providing resources on building the TotKW universe
Content directory at
a linguistic resource: series about the TotKW constructed languages
a mapping resource: series about mapping the TotKW universe
a mystic resource: series about the TotKW magic system

Resources: posts providing more resources for readers, writers, and world-builders
Content directory at
an inspirational resource: series of posts about other platforms
a resource & inspiration: series of collaborations with other platforms

+ Directories: posts providing a directory of content
Content directory at
a resource directory: series of content directories

Books: posts referring to published TotKW books
Content directory at
TotKW Book Profiles: series of detail pages for each book
+ Samples: posts providing samples of TotKW prose
a sample chapter: series of sample chapters

Prophesy: posts providing samples of prophetic verse
Content directory at
a riddle in rhyme: series of TotKW prophesies

Content Tags refer to specific content within a blog post or series.

Atlas: any post overviewing maps from the Tales of the Known World saga
Character: any post about characters or characterization, an element of storycraft
Collaboration: any post about my collaborations with other platforms
Flow: any post about flow, an element of writing style
Guest: any post written by or about another platform, an element of inspiration
Inspiration: any post regarding creative inspiration
Language: any post about linguistic dialect, an element of worldbuilding
Magic: any post about magic or magic systems
Meter: any post involving meter, an element of poetry
Poetry: any post involving an element of poetry
Prophesy: any post regarding prophesy, divination, or foreshadowing
Rhyme: any post regarding rhyme, an element of poetry
Spark: any post sharing my personal creative spark, an element of inspiration
Storycraft: any post about storycraft, an element of writing
Style: any post about writing style, a fusion of storycraft and wordsmith elements
Tarot: any post regarding or evoking tarot concepts
TotKW: any post involving the Tales of the Known World saga
Vote: any post asking for your vote
Wordsmith: any post about wordsmithy, an element of writing
Worldbuilding: any post about worldbuilding, an element of storycraft
Writing: any post about writing, regarding either storycraft or wordsmith elements

Life Is An Adventure. Are You Ready? Awakening: The Adventure Of A Lifetime

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  1. Hello there! My name is D.N.Frost, and I'm a fantasy author, cartographer, and world-builder. My love for storytelling drives me to build the Known World, map its lands, and tell its tales. Let me send you my free ebook at!


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