Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Broken: Book Two of the TotKW Saga

Book Two: Broken

An empowering tale of beginning anew.

Centuries ago, the prophetic Golden Age ended in war,
and history spiraled into darkness...

Now, the saga continues as our heroes prepare for a dark invasion in the hollow aftermath of A'lara's unbinding.

Deep within the mountain fortress of Sierlyn, the legendary elf Kingard frees the captive empress of Allana.

Under the elf's watchful eye, the new Light Master Jorn strives to redeem the stains of his past betrayal.

When the unwitting darkmage Haisrir embarks for distant Kholl, he unleashes the gravest threat of all.

Divided in purpose and forsaken by prophesy, their fractured band splinters under the burdens of impending war.

But looming beyond the eastern horizon, their enemies ready a ghastly armada.

Without new portents to guide them, Kingard and his allies face a blind scramble to defend their imperiled empire.

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Praise for Broken:

Exciting, suspenseful, and constantly left me wanting more.

I felt a connection with every character that stretched over a very wide range of emotions.

I eagerly wait for the next installment!

- J.R. Cooper of Ionic Zero ★★★★★

The characterization was impressive.

Frost made unlikable, seemingly irredeemable characters root-able, or at least sympathetic.

Fast-paced, humor, tension, excitement, foreboding, heartbreaking.

Excellent sequel!

- Dana V. of Texas ★★★★★

Frost does a fantastic job of creating full worlds

and dynamic characters, as well as character relationships, all tied together with heady imagery.

Plus, subscribing to her website gets you free access to all sorts of neat things to

bring you closer to this wonderful fantasy world.

- Savannah B. of Texas ★★★★★

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