Thursday, July 1, 2021

Language of Mother's Gate: a linguistic directory

This post is part of a series to augment the Codex of the Known World available for free download.

The best and latest linguistic resources are gathered here at

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A Note on Languages and Dialects:

In the Known World, most people speak Allanic. But every region has its own dialect, influenced by the heritage language of that area.

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What is Language? On this website, the language tag refers to ideas about linguistics, especially as applied to invented languages.

The language resource series focuses on tongues of my Known World, and the language workshop series focuses on your own world.

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Codex of the Known World: a free download

Immerse yourself in the Known World with this collection of notes and resources.

You'll learn about the world's cultures and prophesy, plus magic, language, and maps.

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Download your worldbuilding guide Codex of the Known World here.

Language Appendix
The role and inner workings of language.

This guide provides a complete list of proper names and glossary terms from all the novels, with quick pronunciations for easy reference.

It also includes fun extras like foreign language translations, titles and estates, and the sayings and slang used in the books.

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Notes on language

A Note on Languages and Dialects: the linguistic and cultural variations in the saga #TotKW A language resource by D.N.Frost Part 1 of a series.
This 3-part post series outlines the saga's many dialects and linguistic concepts.

It starts with A Note on Languages and Dialects and expands into ideas about the glossary compiled for the saga, as well as cultural reasons behind certain spellings.

Explore posts 2-3 here:

Language of Awakening: an atlas directory

Within the Atlas of the Known World, each map entry describes the language of that region.

This directory reorganizes the maps from Awakening into alphabetical order by language.

Browse the dialects from Book 1 here...

That's it for this post! Check out the latest linguistic resources for more.

Download the Codex of the Known World here, or start your adventure below.

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