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Scribe Ascribed: an exclusive prologue

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Scribe Ascribed

Prologue of Set 1

The story of Farwen the Apprentice
in the prologue of the Chronicles of Mother's Gate

This short story is the prologue of the Chronicles of Mother's Gate series, the first set of books in the Tales of the Known World saga, and it can be read at any point in the series. It's a great little introduction to the saga, a bonus story set apart from the full-length narrative.

Scribe Ascribed follows the story of Farwen, who is one of many apprentices to a renowned map-maker.

When his master invites him to scribe the myriad tales of the Known World, young Farwen eagerly sets aside his studies in favor of their new project.

As the initial tale draws to a close, Farwen faces a life-changing decision: resign from the project to create the maps for the story, or abandon his apprenticeship to become a dedicated scribe.

This story answers the question, Who is writing the tales of the Known World? with a well-traveled map-maker and his young apprentice. It also raises the question, What started it all? and includes an excerpt from the sister story Tribe Untied, about the persecution of a little boy named Darek.

Praise for Scribe Ascribed and Tribe Untied:
Thank you very much for bringing this wonderful book to my attention!

The concept of making a book just for prologues is refreshing and definitely making me long for the full stories.

The thing that struck me the most is how authentic every character's voice is and how easy to differentiate them is. The writing is really polished and easy to read.

As an old fantasy fanatic, I'm definitely going to read the rest of D.N. Frost's books.

-- Dr. Julia of Bucharest ★★★★★

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