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A Note on Languages and Dialects: a linguistic resource

This post is Part 1 of a series to augment the Codex of the Known World available for free download.

This and other linguistic resources are gathered in my Language Directory for you to explore.

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In the Known World of my Tales of the Known World saga, most people speak Allanic. But every region has its own dialect, influenced by the heritage language of that area.

Some cultures retain their native tongues, using them for a variety of purposes from traditional rituals to personal identity. Other cultures have lost their heritage language completely, and only the unique quirks of their Allanic dialect remain.

Check out the Codex of the Known World for more resources!

Regardless of what language they speak, each culture sculpts their language over generations, reflecting their unique ideologies in their usage of words. Each language in turn shapes the way its speakers parse the world into ideas, informing cultural perceptions for new generations.

In this Language Directory, you can browse the regional languages from each set of novels. Find out how your favorite characters speak!

Every culture has common phrases and slang terms, as well as sayings that make no literal sense. These sayings rely on stories, myths, and folktales for their meaning instead.

Along with the cultural impact of these unique sayings, each language makes further impact through subtleties in the grammar and words themselves. Check out the linguistic companion to the saga, the Language Codex of the Known World, for more.

Download the Language Appendix:

Most people of the Known World speak Allanic. But the world is rife with different dialects and the cultural heritage languages that influence them. For more about the role and inner workings of language, check out the Language Appendix above.

Many concepts intrinsic to a culture are captured by the way its words and names are built. The foreign dialogue in the novels can be broken down into its root words and syllables, revealing the hidden meaning behind them.

For a comprehensive list of names and terms, as well as a guide to the many titles and estates in the Known World, see the Language Appendix available above.

This free download translates all the foreign dialogue from the Chronicles of Mother's Gate set of novels, and it explains how special meanings combine to form words, names, and sentences.

It also explains the slang and unique sayings from the saga, introducing the traditions, myths, and folklore that each culture has enshrined into common turns of phrase.

That's it for this post! Up Next: The pronunciation guide for proper names...

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