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Scribe Ascribed & Tribe Untied: First Bookend of the TotKW Saga

First Bookend:
Scribe Ascribed & Tribe Untied

Prologues of the First Chronicles & Book I

The stories of Farwen the Apprentice
in the Prologue of Mother's Gate
& the Prologue of Awakening

Scribe Ascribed & Tribe Untied is a two-part novella, prologues to the Chronicles of Mother's Gate and the first book of the series, Awakening. #TotKW
“I think we should hide, Darek.” Her deadly tone told him it was not a game this time. “You remember the rules?”

“No peeking and keep quiet,” he recited, his dark eyes shining with frightened tears as his mother pried up their special floor board and helped lower him down into the dark. “Can you hide with me?”

This two-part novella contains both the prologue to the Chronicles of Mother's Gate series and the prologue to the first book of that series.

It is the first bookend of the Tales of the Known World saga, and is best read before starting the first book, Awakening.

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Praise for Scribe Ascribed and Tribe Untied:
Thank you very much for bringing this wonderful book to my attention!

The concept of making a book just for prologues is refreshing and definitely making me long for the full stories.

The thing that struck me the most is how authentic every character's voice is and how easy to differentiate them is. The writing is really polished and easy to read.

As an old fantasy fanatic, I'm definitely going to read the rest of D.N. Frost's books.

-- Dr. Julia of Bucharest ★★★★★

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