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Waking Up & Falling Down: Second Bookend of the TotKW Saga

Second Bookend:
Waking Up & Falling Down

Epilogue of Book I & Prologue of Book II

The story of Larin the Builder
in the Epilogue of Awakening
& the Prologue of Broken

“Merry Mother, full of grace, thy name of form and time and space...” The old prayer spilled from her lips in a breathless whisper, at once meaningless and comforting, some dusty ritual act that helped her cling to the world for precious seconds longer.


This two-part novella contains both the epilogue of Book One and the prologue of Book Two in the Chronicles of Mother's Gate series.

It is the second bookend of the Tales of the Known World saga, is best read after finishing the first book, Awakening.

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Praise for Waking Up and Falling Down:
Loved it. The difference between the two stories is great!

The difference between Waking Up and Falling Down is astounding. So much light and love in the first story. You feel safe reading it. Healing.

The second, so much darkness, pain and despair. The choice of vocabulary is awesome and makes an impact.

And this set of short stories ties the two saga novels together so well.

-- Dana V. of Texas ★★★★★

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