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My Great Awakening: inspiration & spark

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In Part 1 of this series, I began my spiritual journey by asking the great questions about life. When I started paying attention to my own thoughts, a profound shift began to occur within me. If I was analyzing my own thoughts, then where was I? What was the "I" that was analyzing my thoughts?

In spiritual terminology, the awakening is when a person first recognizes that there's a difference between their stream of thoughts and the awareness that perceives those thoughts. If your awareness perceives something, that thing logically can't be your awareness. This core recognition forces the awareness away from identification with the mind, body, and physical world, freeing the self to be more real than ever before.

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Though scientific questioning had brought me to this point, I began exploring different religious tenets to clarify my search for self-recognition. I found every religion laughably false when taken in entirety, but each faith seemed to reduce down to the same basic truths. Virtues like forgiveness, love, compassion, and kindness seemed universal.

I explored Hinduism, Wicca, and the mysticism of tarot cards, but what really caught me was Zen Buddhism. A close friend gave me a book called Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies, and the Truth About Reality, by Brad Warner. This punk rocker became a Zen master after he moved to Japan to make monster movies. His sardonic voice fit right in with my inner rage against the machine and fanatic love of all things Japanese.

Through his book and others, I came to recognize myself as the awareness that perceives all other things. I even noticed that sometimes I would notice that I had noticed something - which meant that I am the awareness that is aware of its own focus and attention. From this realization, my consciousness expanded, and I began to experience life in a new way. I sought to lead others to similar shifts in their own perspectives, and interwove my Tales of the Known World saga with various expressions of this one simple insight.

My self-awareness brought with it a depth of understanding that cannot be expressed in words. There came a peace and serenity as I recognized the true nature of my self, and the trappings of the external world fell away. Smart/stupid, pretty/ugly, thin/fat, male/female - I saw through dualities as meaningless labels slapped across infinite being, and I came to know my true self as the indescribable beyond.

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