Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Compelled to Teach: inspiration & spark

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In Part 1 of this series, I began my spiritual journey by questioning the world around me. After my awakening, I noticed my perspective on other people was shifting too. If I was an infinite depth of clarity and loving existence, then so was every other person on the planet. All the pain and suffering we endure (and cause) as humans is because we've grown out of our inborn sense of self-awareness.

On the whole, humanity teaches its children to think certain thoughts and assume certain roles. With enough training, these children release their intuitive ways of being and take on the identities that are expected of them.

As is common when someone has a liberating spiritual experience, I felt compelled to share my discovery of truth with others, to help erode the earthly traditions that keep us separate from the truth of who we are.

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Becoming a spiritual teacher daunted me. My tarot readings had always been profoundly beneficial to my clients, but delivering a one-on-one tarot reading was quite different than publicly compelling students to arrive. Most people seemed unwilling to expose their carefully-ministered truths to new revelations, and they expected the revealing sources to be stoic saints with decades of credentials.

With my youth and enthusiasm, I found myself a rather uncompelling spiritual guide. Though I became licensed to deliver a spiritual awakening course called Avatar, I did not pursue students. I felt like I needed to be something more than what I was before people would take my message seriously.

As my affair with writing became ever-more enveloping, I struck upon the idea to write a book of truth. Within it, I'd divulge my knowledge of scientific discoveries and express the ultimate unity inherent in the fabric of space-time itself. I'd also interpret sacred texts across religions, and amass scientific evidence to confirm the Law of Attraction. After giving curious minds something to chew on, I'd delve into the experience of this inherent unity, which I recognize as both the self and the truth.

I felt, and still feel, profoundly at peace with this idea. Yet it rests enshrined atop my stack of unfinished books and notes on stories to be written, an opus at once insurmountable and enthralling. As I worked on my Tales of the Known World saga, I wrote pieces of the truth-book on the side. I'd share them in Facebook groups, and the responses I got were encouraging. But the stories in me still yammered for recognition. I wanted to keep working on my fantasy novels, and my writing experience told me to focus on one book at a time.

That's it for this post! Up Next: Building spiritual truths into my fantasy world...

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