Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Great Questions: inspiration & spark

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In high school, the addled grief of my teenage world finally drove me to seek answers to the great questions about life. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Without a family religion to foster answers for me, I started my quest in scientific discovery. Surely mankind with all its technology could unlock the mysteries of the universe. I delved into quantum mechanics, and learned that the core particles of matter are just energy waves that pop in and out of material state.

Then I learned that the energy waves were actually clouds of potential energy waves that sometimes collapse into physical form. Then I learned that it's the act of observing this cloud that causes it to collapse. Like a marshmallow left unwatched in the microwave, every speck of matter in the universe swells up and expands into an unstable cloud, only to deflate when you open the door to peek. Something about perception causes non-physical energy to condense into physical matter. Why did observing the world affect the world?

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As I explored this mystery, I encountered a growing mass of scientific evidence proving that human focus directly affects the physical universe. Extensive experiments with random number generators over the past 50 years have repeatedly shown that focused attention affects the randomized output of these electric circuits. Countless studies demonstrate that when people ask the program to generate more of a certain number, the output is skewed in their favor. Since electricity is just the flow of electrons, and electrons are just clouds of potential energy, I concluded that something about human thought was affecting how those energy clouds condensed into particles inside the computer circuits.

I started exploring philosophy and psychology, trying to unravel the mystery behind how thoughts affect the universe. I read about Behaviorism, Dualism, Solipsism, and other philosophies of the mind. I studied cognitive and developmental psychology, sociolinguistics and cultural anthropology. While I developed my Tales of the Known World saga, I immersed myself in humankind's innumerable ideas about life, God, and the universe. I began scrutinizing my own mind - how were my thoughts causing changes in the world around me? The answer I stumbled across was simplistic and profound.

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