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Monday, June 22, 2015

Portents of Awakening: a prophesy directory

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Portents of Broken: prophetic riddles in rhyme from Book 2 #TotKW
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Book II: Broken
This post is a directory of prophesies from Awakening, Book I of the TotKW saga.

For more information about the role and inner workings of prophesy, download the Prophesy Codex here.

Each prophesy is attributed to the merfellow who said it, and includes the date on which it was said. Prophesies are listed by date from oldest to newest.

Click the dates linked below to view each prophesy and comment with your interpretation.

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i. Lovynge Njyae Dynde XVI
Wndelyo Njyae Dynde XVI
Venkwn Njyae Dynde XVI
4:3:2:1/10, 7:3:1 IX
"A village in the forest dark
despairing glade past desperate sea..."

ii. Dohsyn Viryahni Dynde XX
2:2:2:1/3, 1:1:2 IX
"Through razor's edge of knowledge bought
of timeless time congealed..."

iii. Jyedih Nnwadohs Dynde XIX
3:2:4:2/6, 1:2:2 IX
"Expunging legend's earthly might
the endless creep of shadow's fold..."

iv. Vyedik Ndeloh Dynde XX
4:2:3:6/9, 1:3:2 IX
"The hidden prince unveiled his plan
to take the darkened sky..."

v. Valehyn Ryihdas Dynde VI
2:3:1:6/13, 2:1:2 IX
"From darkness warped and witnessed hence
the builders rise beneath the fall..."

vi. Lovynge Njyae Dynde II
2:3:4:1/11, 7:3:2 IX
"The virgin nymph a builder born
is from her destined studies torn..."

vii. Valyo Nkwnoh Dynde XV
2:2:1:3/10, 8:1:2 IX
"So came the girl to island warm
where Dynde met her island form..."

viii. Jyakugi Ndendyn Regyoni XIX
3:2:4:2/7, 8:2:2 IX
"When lost through sight of death untold
works not to see the seen unfold..."

ix. Leiro Nvwnle Dynde XIV
1:2:1:6/5, III:IX
"They gather lost and grieving sore
a fractured band that battle bore..."

x. Sohli Nlyndwnvi Rovikya XVIII
1:2:2:3/5, III:IX
"When scattered band in grief amassed
by binder's legacy aghast..."

xi. Kodyeh Njarwn Gusya XIII
1:2:4:4/5, III:IX
"By golem's work that has no end
forgotten fog, remembered friend..."

xii. Resyn Jarunwe Rovikya XV
1:3:3:5/5, III:IX
"By land and sea and air they ride
the motley force of Mother's pride..."

xiii. Varyik Seloh Rovikya XVI
1:3:3:6/5, III:IX
"Ambassador from dragon mage
to weary slaves in rattled cage..."

xiv. Gwnri Dahlynwe Rovikya XVII
1:3:3:7/5, III:IX
"A prison she cannot defeat
where shadows lost and daemons meet..."

xv. Iwahnno Ngyehsi Gusya XIX
1:3:4:2/5, III:IX
"When restless tenant weary grew
of fighting for his key..."

xvi. Ansoh Njyae Dynde IV
L 1:3:4:7/5, III:IX
"His brow is graced but soul defaced
unnatural torment now displaced..."

xvii. Jaynrik Yohvikye Kaedya V
2:1:1:1/5, III:IX
"From sanctuary's edge they go
the traitors good and kind..."

xviii. Lensih Ndwahvi Lohki VI
2:1:1:2/5, III:IX
"Bereft successor drowned in red
with thorns for crown and stones for bed..."

xix. Donvyik Karasyn Dynde IX
2:1:1:5/5, III:IX
"Her advent bids the council rise
to greet her under darkened skies..."

xx. Gwndah Velyohki Rovikya III
2:1:3:5/5, III:IX
"Through timeless fog enticed
the wayward builder swayed..."

xxi. Gasyih Nodehki Kaedya VII
2:1:4:2/5, III:IX
"Through comrade returned to earth yet unearned
reluctant empress crowned..."

xxii. Daryoh Lendisyn Lohki XX
2:2:2:1/5, III:IX
"The timeless wrought by death implied
and bound by fears of sight denied..."

xxiii. Dohjis Gelyndi Gusya I
2:2:2:2/5, III:IX
"While timeless keepers ruled the waves
unjustly bred eternal slaves..."

Life Is An Adventure. Are You Ready? Awakening: The Adventure Of A Lifetime

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