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Portent VI of Awakening: a riddle in rhyme

In the novel Awakening, there are 23 portents fortelling the events of the unfolding saga.

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The virgin nymph a builder born
Is from her destined studies torn
Delivered straight to distant land
And into this expectant hand

Her first true flight for freedom fails (I)
The second falters, third prevails
Then back into his grasp she sails
And on into his realm she wails (II)

When golem's work is long since done
And daemon war is long since won
The gateway master seeks to save
And plunges she into the grave. (III)

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In Chapter 1 of Awakening, Larin spies this prophesy lying on the Baron's desk. She doesn't understand its meaning at the time, nor does she realize the portent is about her destiny.

By the end of Awakening, only the first two verses of the prophesy have come to fruition. Can you identify Larin's three flights for freedom from Book 1?

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The merfolk culture is built on the prophetic Gift. Nearly all men produce a portent every twenty days, and they devote their lives to interpretation. For more about the role and inner workings of prophesy, check out the Prophesy Appendix above.

Alongside every prophesy is an attribution block. This block contains a byline giving the name of the person who said the prophesy, and a dateline giving the day the prophesy was first said. Here is the attribution for this portent:
Lovynge Njyae Dynde II
2:3:4:1/11, 7:3:2 IX
V:I 1:2:4:4/5, III:IX
V:II 2:2:2:2/5, III:IX
The portent attributed here references multiple events that come to pass in sections called tatters. An additional tatter dateline has been added to the attribution for each tatter, noting the date when that segment of the portent will come to pass.

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