Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cartography of Mother's Gate: a mapping directory

Cartography of Mother's Gate: the mapping process from the First Chronicles #TotKW A mapping directory by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
This post is part of a series to augment The Worldbuilder's Handbook available for free download.

The best and latest cartography resources are gathered in this mapping guide for you to explore.


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Planning the Cartography of Awakening: what lands to map and what to omit #TotKW A mapping resource by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part 1 of a series.
Planning the Cartography of Awakening

Before making any maps, I had to decide what to show and omit from each map.

I reflected on each map's audience, the best boundaries for each map, and the best dimensions to depict those boundaries.

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Styling the Cartography of Awakening

I chose an old-world style of mapping that resembles antique watercolor.

However, this style uses topography symbols for mountains and forests, and I had to plan for the limitations of this cartography style.

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The Apprentice Cartographer of Awakening

For every Photoshop technique I employed, I envisioned how an old-world cartographer would produce the same visual result.

The idea of this old-world cartographer took on a life of its own.

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