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Portent XVI of Awakening: a riddle in rhyme

In the novel Awakening, there are 23 portents fortelling the events of the unfolding saga.

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His brow is graced but soul defaced
Unnatural torment now displaced

To legend's woe the elf will know
But not before the lessons go
His power strayed and evil bade
The rose to leave them all betrayed

When Mother's prayer from lover fair
Does cast her into daemon's lair
His evil taste to rose replaced
By city's light so long encased.

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This is one of the coolest portents in Awakening. Not only does it come to pass before the book ends, but it is first said by Tirrok as he leaves the Sutek Desert at the start of Part 2. (Enter your email below to read the free ebook!)

Download the Prophesy Appendix:

The merfolk culture is built on the prophetic Gift. Nearly all men produce a portent every twenty days, and they devote their lives to interpretation. For more about the role and inner workings of prophesy, check out the Prophesy Appendix above.

Alongside every prophesy is an attribution block. This block contains a byline giving the name of the person who said the prophesy, and a dateline giving the day the prophesy was first said. Here is the attribution for this portent:
Ansoh Njyae Dynde IV
L 1:3:4:7/5, III:IX
L 2:1:3:6/5, III:IX
The portent attributed here has not been interpreted, and is considered a lost prophesy. It was not recorded when it was first said, and a lost dateline is used instead of a standard dateline to note each time the portent was repeated without being recorded.

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