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A Note on the Codex Number and Cross-Reference: a mystic resource

This post is Part 2 of a series to augment the Magic of the Known World available for free download. Start with Part 1 here.

This and other mystic resources are gathered in my Magic Directory for you to explore.

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As outlined in Part 1 of this series, the Magic Codex is a comprehensive explanation of the magic system of the Known World. Within, the myriad magics are organized and explored in logical groupings, each with its own numerical tag.

These tags index each chapter and sub-section, so that external documents can cross-reference the information expressed in the codex.

Check out the Magic of the Known World for more resources!

Within the novels of my Tales of the Known World saga, magic is often relevant to the story. A glossary appears at the back of each book to provide a quick alphabetical reference for the specific terms used in that novel.

Each magic term in such a glossary is followed by a codex number, which specifies the numerical tag in the codex where that term is expanded upon and contextualized. Within a glossary, the codex number will appear in this format:

(0.1) or (9.2.42) etc.

For each codex number, the first digit refers to the chapter of the codex where the term's expanded information can be found. Each chapter is a logical unit of the magic system, and reading the whole chapter will provide the best context for the specific term in question.

(0.1) refers to Chapter 0 – Magic Basics
(9.2.42) refers to Chapter 9 – Turned Magic

The second digit refers to a chapter's section, and the final digit (if any) provides the exact entry where a magic concept is introduced.

(0.1) refers to Section 0.1 – Magic Users

(9.2.42) refers to Section 9.2 – Unnatural Creatures
and Entry 9.2.42 – Blood Golem

Download the Magic Appendix:

The Known World is rife with magic. Over time, scholars have compiled all these magics and magical effects into a comprehensive taxonomy. For more about the role and inner workings of magic, check out the Magic Appendix above.

Much like the glossary at the back of each novel, the Magic Appendix above provides brief explanations of the specific magical terms used within the Known World. Each term, however, is expanded upon within the Magic Codex available for free download.

In this appendix, each term is ordered by codex number, which gives the exact chapter and sub-section of the codex where further information can be found. Within the codex, these magics are explored in detail, as opposed to this appendix of terms provided for quick reference.

That's it for this series! Up Next: An introduction to the saga's magic...

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