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A Note on the Widespread Use of Magic: a mystic resource

This post is Part 1 of a series to augment the Magic of the Known World available for free download.

This and other mystic resources are gathered in my Magic Directory for you to explore.

Find more worldbuilding content in my Codex Directory.

Magic is prevalent in my Tales of the Known World saga. With few exceptions, everyone has some sort of magic at their disposal. The humans of this world have their own kinds of magic, as do the elves, faeries, merfolk, and nymphs.

In fact, magic is so common in the Known World that individuals without magic are rather rare and considered something of an oddity.

Each person is born with access to six different magic abilities, and an individual with no discernible magic typically suffers from a weakness in numerous well-known magics coupled with an ignorance of lesser-known magics in which they have a hidden aptitude.

Beyond these natural talents, there are magics that anyone can learn to wield if they study. While study obviously requires free time and access to education, the magics themselves are equally attainable by anyone willing and able to put in the effort.

Check out the Magic of the Known World for more resources!

As a result, magic plays a heavy role in everyday life for denizens of the Known World. Many technologies and modern amenities rely on magic to function, such as indoor plumbing through water magic, or refrigeration through ice magic.

In this Magic Directory, you can browse the many kinds of magic possible in the Known World. See what a world full of magic could be like!

For millennia, scholars have observed the nature of magic, documenting and classifying its myriad effects. Countless scholars have contributed to the Magic Codex, a complete taxonomy of magic from the saga.

Due to the diversity and versatility of magic in the Known World, the magic system these scholars developed must not be considered an expression of hard and fast rules.

Rather, consider this an academic taxonomy, in which magic phenomena have been studied and codified by scholars through the ages. Check out the mystic companion to the saga, the Magic Codex of the Known World, for more.

Within this free ebook, the myriad magics are organized and explored in logical groupings, from the basic properties of magic to the arcane unknown and the evils beyond.

The Magic Codex is also cross-referenced by magical terms in the Glossary at the end of each published novel. While each Glossary provides brief explanations of the specific terms used within that book, every magical term is expanded upon and contextualized within the codex.

Download the Magic Appendix:

The Known World is rife with magic. Over time, scholars have compiled all these magics and magical effects into a comprehensive taxonomy. For more about the role and inner workings of magic, check out the Magic Appendix above.

The full Magic Codex is a scholarly tome describing the nuances and mysteries of every known magic, and a shorter reference is often useful. For a distilled version of the comprehensive taxonomy detailed in the codex, see the Magic Appendix available above.

This free download outlines the same taxonomy concepts in the same order, but contains just the defining taglines for each entry. The detailed explanations from the codex have been omitted, allowing for brief overviews and quick reference.

It also provides a complete spell list, with a defining tagline for each magic spell, as well as a number of alternate terms and regional labels for the various spells and their effects.

That's it for this post! Up Next: How to cross-reference the full codex...

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