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Portent II of Broken: a riddle in rhyme

Portent II of Broken: by day and verdict cold without #TotKW A riddle in rhyme by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
In the novel Broken, there are 24 portents fortelling the events of the unfolding saga.

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The bitter crown rejects in spite
Unwitting ward of legend spent
And turns to last surviving knight
Yet novice youth cannot relent
Nor cast his fate from timeless light
Driven to reign and reinvent
The self behind the fight

Awash in blood of early sin
Against a greatness long extolled
The mystics claim he cannot win
Thus caught in doubt's repentant hold
The dragon mage with silent kin
Broken by day and verdict cold
Without begins within

While mentor power gained denies
His land and life cannot protect
Yet master frees by own demise
Where hope and hatred intersect
Unleashed with death before his eyes
Chaos and blood as men defect
Dispatches low disguise.

Can you decode the future Tales of the Known World?

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This portent begins Part 2 of Broken, which is titled "By Day" and deals with Jorn. His character is tainted by betrayal, but Book 2 explores the rigors of his redemption.

The portent's 21 lines mirror Jorn's 21 scenes. How do you think the dragon mage is broken by day?

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The merfolk culture is built on the prophetic Gift. Nearly all men produce a portent every twenty days, and they devote their lives to interpretation. For more about the role and inner workings of prophesy, check out the Prophesy Appendix above.

Alongside every prophesy is an attribution block. This block contains a byline giving the name of the person who said the prophesy, and a dateline giving the day the prophesy was first said. Here is the attribution for this portent:
Gwnle Nnohvas Dynde V
4:1:2:6/8, 2:3:2 IX
V 3:2:2:7/5, III:IX
The portent attributed here has been interpreted, and it references multiple events that culminate on an exact date. An additional verified dateline has been added to the attribution, noting the final date when the portent comes to pass.

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