Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Magic Codex: Book of Magic from the TotKW Saga

Book of Magic:
Magic Codex of the Known World

The complete taxonomy of magic from the saga.

For millennia, scholars have observed the nature of magic,
documenting and classifying its diverse effects...

Magic is prevalent in the Known World. With few exceptions, everyone has some sort of magic at his or her disposal. Beyond these natural talents, there are magics that anyone can learn through study. As a result, magic plays a heavy role in everyday life throughout the Known World.

This codex is a comprehensive examination of that magic system, as codified through the ages by countless scholars of magic. Within, the myriad magics are organized and explored in logical groupings, from the basic properties of magic to the arcane unknown and the evils beyond.

Praise for the Magic Codex of the Known World:
One of the most expansive pieces of magic worldbuilding I've ever seen.

An extremely helpful guide that answers not only how the magic in the story works, but why.

This Codex keeps you coming back for more, wanting to know how the different forms of magic affect each other, as well as the culture and overall setting of the story.

If you want to learn about a system that covers life and death, space and time, masters and apprentices, inheritance and betrayal, but most importantly, acts as a comprehensive and fun breakdown on how to implement magic powers in a fantasy setting...

You can't go wrong with this book.

-- Bruno S. of Brazil ★★★★★

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