Friday, December 17, 2021

Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang: a book review ★★★★★

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Five stars! This great story delivered something I've never seen before.


A breathtaking, resplendent, and unique multicultural fantasy.

Set in a magical world inspired by ancient imperial China, Songs of Insurrection delivers a stellar cast of characters with swift punchy prose and a quick, clear writing style.

Blow by blow, JC Kang artfully raises the stakes, escalating from the deftly-crafted romance of a dissident princess to an epic tale of rebellion and international politics.

An exciting read, impossible to put down!

- D.N.Frost, author of Tales of the Known World ★★★★★

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Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang is Book One of The Dragon Songs Saga from his Legends of Tivara series.

This book was previously published with a different cover, and it was originally published under the title The Dragon Scale Lute, Book One of the Daughter of the Dragon Throne series. I first connected with JC Kang via Readers' Favorite while creating this book review.

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In a magical world inspired by ancient imperial China, JC Kang presents a heavily male-dominant society, leveraging this stark backdrop for a powerful free-spirited princess to embark on a clandestine adventure to resurrect the ancient practice of wielding magic through music.

The romantic subplot is elegantly crafted. Kang contrasts the lofty and well-clad dangers of court intrigue with the immediacy of espionage agents in the line of duty, and he deftly brings these two worlds to collide in an epic finale.

Breathtaking in its detail and resplendent with features unique to epic fantasy as a whole, Songs of Insurrection delivers a stellar cast of characters, each with his or her own skills, strengths, and flaws. Kang toggles from the princess's romance to the covert spies and espionage that make this story truly shine.

With swift punchy prose and a quick, clear writing style, Kang escalates the plot from the tale of a dissident princess to a story of mass insurrection and international politics. Blow by blow, Kang artfully raises the stakes for an exciting read that is impossible to put down.

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