Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Worthy Re-Read: inspiration & spark

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Some stories rely on plot twists to keep readers guessing, but there are better ways to create suspense. Instead of keeping you in the dark, dear readers, I encourage you to see the convergence. I want you to anticipate things happening in advance. My goal is to make the unfolding story so breathtaking that you have to read it anyway. It grips you. It sculpts your experience. It builds your anticipation, then not only sates it but goes beyond your expectations. You are wowed by the nature of the tale you were expecting all along.

That's what builds for you as you read. It is your expectations being right, but also delightfully surprising and satisfying, as the story unfolds. Once you decide how a story's going to turn out...don't you want to see if you are right? And don't you love it when you also discover thrilling and unexpected additions to the story's equation? I know I do. That's why I write, to create the story that brings you to fruition. Put the clues together! I tell you what's going to happen, but I tell you in a different place.

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You're supposed to see it coming. You're supposed to think about how desperately close everybody is to their destiny, the chance meetings, the timely happenstance that brings the ship of destiny. That's what prophesy is all about, right? You see it coming, but you still can't stop it. But instead of boring you into a sense of predictability, it thrills you. You're excited for the convergence, and can't wait to see how it unfolds. I want you to literally get thrills as you read it. Everything you expect turns out so blissfully unexpected that you crave one more page, every time you try to put it down.

The whole point is to see it coming. My prophesies share the sense of what's going to happen, but without enough explanation for it to spoil the story ahead. And even if you happen to decode the prophetic riddles, the way I tell the story should be so good that the unfolding delights you anyway. I can write twenty riddles of what's coming next, confident that even if you figure them out (some are tough, I hope!) you'll still love reading the story.

Don't you think you deserve a book you can read again and again? I'm crafting my Tales of the Known World saga to account for multiple read-throughs, after you discover secrets hidden within the novels. I write my stories to be just as enthralling to re-read as they were the first time. I've designed the story to seem one way on the first read, and once you learn more of the secrets unveiled across many books, the story changes for you, and there is a newness to the old books again. I want your perspective to shift as you learn things. If the place from which you enjoy the tale is different, the tale itself will read differently.

I've crafted my story to grip you on the first read, but I've added clues that won't have meaning until you unveil connections in later chapters. I've included Easter eggs inside the books, trifling details the first time around that thrill you with a secret tip-of-the-hat when you re-read the novel. I want the layers of meaning to keep building, to keep enthralling you, rewarding you every time you decide to re-enjoy my books. To show my appreciation for your readership, especially for reading my stories more than once, I took great care in adding wonderful secrets for us to share.

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