Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Realms of Iorden: a map commission

The Realms of Iorden: fantasy world for the podcast TOAFN A map commission by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part 1 of a series.
This post is Part 1 of a series to augment the Fictional Cartography by D.N.Frost available for free download.

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When I first stumbled across The Once and Future Nerd fantasy podcast, I was blown away by the professional voice acting and tongue-in-cheek narration. I found the TOAFN storyline rife with the same irreverent examination of fantasy tropes that I love exploring in my own work. And now the TOAFN team has a shiny new map!

While poking around the TOAFN website for bonus content, I started imagining all the different places our heroes visited in the first season. Then it hit me! For all the detailed worldbuilding the creators had crafted, there needed to be a map to share their world with fans.

Check out this Fictional Cartography by D.N.Frost for more maps!

The Realms of Iorden, a map commission by D.N.Frost for The Once and Future Nerd Part 1 of a series.
Fortunately, making maps is kind of my thing, so I contacted the podcast writers Zach Glass and Christian Madera with my offer.

In exchange, I hoped they'd let me invite other TOAFN fans to try out my fantasy saga while we wait for their new season.

Though busy with the podcast, Zach and Christian responded with excitement and made time to collaborate with me.

That's it for this post! Up Next: A coastline and topography two-step...

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  1. Hello there! My name is D.N.Frost, and I'm a fantasy author, cartographer, and world-builder. My love for storytelling drives me to build the Known World, map its lands, and tell its tales. Let me send you my free ebook at!


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