Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kleinpharas of Gardul: a map commission

Kleinpharas of Gardul: fantasy realm of Jeffery W Ingram http://www.dnfrost.com/2016/05/kleinpharas-of-gardul-map-commission.html A map commission by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part 1 of a series.
This post is Part 1 of a series to augment the Fictional Cartography by D.N.Frost available for free download.

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I first met Jeffery on Twitter, where we connected over our love of fantasy maps. We soon collaborated on things like my interview for his podcast, a joint spin-off series about how to create your own languages, and an ongoing mastermind project to empower other worldbuilders. Jeffery even recommended my mapping services to his fans in another of his podcast episodes.

I was grateful for the shoutout. When he launched a Kickstarter to fund his first book, I wanted to contribute to his cause. My friend Jeffery makes his own maps, and he has built some incredible detail into his invented fantasy world Gardul. I contacted him and offered to donate a professional map commission for his book.

Check out this Fictional Cartography by D.N.Frost for more maps!

Kleinpharas of Gardul, a map commission by D.N.Frost for Jeffery W Ingram http://www.dnfrost.com/2016/05/kleinpharas-of-gardul-map-commission.html Part 1 of a series.
Not only was Jeffery enthused about the project, he took it one step further.

He wanted a map poster in addition to the map for his book.

The enlarged size of the poster brought some new challenges for me, but I was excited about solving them to meet Jeffery's vision.

He sent me all the maps he'd made, held a phone consultation about his other needs for the map, and we were off!

That's it for this post! Up Next: How the continents took shape... Coming Soon.

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