Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Your Story Comes First: a character workshop

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Any book can flaunt its creativity, but to be worth reading, it has to tell a great story. Your priority as an author must be to write the best story possible. But before you can take on that challenge, you must first understand what makes a story good:

1. Readers relate to characters, not events. In a great story, readers will connect with your characters and endure plot events alongside them. Before tackling plot, focus on developing your characters into realistically complex personalities.

2. Relatable characters have personal histories, opinions, and cultural heritage. To make your characters come alive, you must know them intimately. Whether or not their secrets are revealed, your characters will seem more real when their secrets influence how you write them.

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3. Readers want to triumph over difficulty with the characters they love. This goes for both your heroes and your villains. When you deliver a character, readers should know his thoughts, live out his feelings, want what he wants, or hate when he wins. These trials and victories let readers bond with your characters through the course of your tale.

The rest of storytelling is in the details. In my Tales of the Known World saga, I craft a gripping story from start to finish using this principle. So experiment with your writing. Discover your preferences for characters and their troubles, and you'll develop your unique voice as an author.

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