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Foreign Magic: a mystic resource

Foreign Magic: four branches of power unlocked by study #TotKW A mystic resource by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part 5 of a series.
This post is Part 5 of a series to augment the Magic of the Known World available for free download. Start with Part 1 here.

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The properties of magic from Part 1 of this series let scholars group all the different magics of the Known World into classes. The foreign magic class arises through diligent study and is developed through honing techniques.

Foreign magic uniquely has no racial predilections, so anyone can learn a foreign magic. While there are inherent limits on how far an individual can master a foreign magic, these limits vary widely between individuals, and the only way to determine one's limit is to study until that limit is encountered.

Paradoxically, many natural magics are often studied as foreign magics in my Tales of the Known World saga. Certain magics are not naturally accessible to given races, but these can be accessed through study. Most aspects of natural magic can be accessed this way, except for the rare powers that some mighty individuals are born with.

Foreign Magic

Foreign magics fall into one of four branches: Elemental, Sensory, Life, and Ether Magic. See the Magic Spell List for more information on specific spells.

Elemental magic grants a user powers over a particular element.

The three foreign elements are: Fire, Ice, and Natural Magic.
Fire magic grants a user powers over fire and other heat. This is similar to the natural Dark magic, but does not involve lightning or other electricity, and never arises intuitively in users.

Ice magic grants a user powers over ice and other cold. In contrast to Fire magic, which creates heat out of magic energy, Ice magic converts heat into magic energy, which can then be channeled for other purposes.

Natural magic branches can be studied as foreign magics. Though natural Dark magic could be studied for powers over both fire and lightning, mages usually choose to study foreign Fire magic instead, due to the long-standing stigma on the use of Dark magic.

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Sensory magic grants a user powers over a particular sense.

The three foreign senses are: Power, Peace, and Natural Magic.
Power magic regards magic and the sense of magic power.
Peace magic regards the emotions and sense of emotional balance.
Natural magic branches can be studied as foreign magics.

Life magic grants a user powers over physical objects and beings.

The four kinds of life are: Inert, Artifact, Living, and Sentient Magic.
Inert magic regards physical, non-magical objects.
Artifact magic regards physical objects with magic powers.
Living magic regards physical, non-sentient living things.
Sentient magic regards physical, sentient living things.

Ether magic grants a user powers over the ether, the cosmic fabric of time and space.

The two facets of ether are: Space and Time.
Time magic is largely theoretical, considered an active field of study rather than a magical discipline. There are no defined spells that fall into this purview.

Space magic involves sensing the ether and its textures, contorting the density of the ether, and piercing the ether to create portals. Because time magic is not a functional discipline, the term ether magic is almost always used to refer to the purview of ether magic dealing with space.

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