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This post is part of a series to augment the List of Resources by D.N.Frost available for free download.

The best and latest exclusive content is gathered here at www.DNFrost.com/exclusive.

Find more content navigation in my Resource Directory.

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Vast Asleep: NEW POST!

Vast Asleep follows the story of Kingard, who finds himself caught in a world called Mother's realm, bathed in glowing light but strangely stuck in place. He encounters his greatson Varyan there, and learns that his experiences are likely dreams.

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TotKW Map Package: an exclusive gallery

This online gallery contains all the high-resolution maps and bonus art from the saga.

Unreleased images from upcoming books are also added in real time, as I create them.

Read more about this gallery here... Soon.

TotKW Bonus Content: an exclusive library

This online library contains all the exclusives and other free downloads offered on my site.

Explore samples and how-to guides, plus bonus projects I haven't shared anywhere else.

Read more about this library here... Soon

Download your content guide List of Resources by D.N.Frost here.

TotKW reading samples

Sneak Peek from Conceived: a steadfast tale of self-creation www.DNFrost.com/Sample3 Experience this gripping fantasy adventure and discover yourself within. #TotKW by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
This ongoing series provides free samples from the Tales of the Known World saga.

The latest sample is the Sneak Peek from Conceived and prior samples progress back through bonus short stories and multi-chapter excerpts from the full-length novels.

Explore more samples here:

TotKW appendix ebooks

Magic Codex of the Known World: download the complete taxonomy of magic from the saga www.DNFrost.com/magic #TotKW A mystic exclusive by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
This ongoing series contains the free appendix ebooks from the saga.

These publications provide the extra information cross-referenced at the back of the novels.

The largest ebook is the Magic Codex and other ebooks provide quicker appendix information about the prophesy, magic, and language of the Known World.

Explore more ebooks here:

How-to guides

How to Make Fantasy Maps in Photoshop: your guide to digital map-making www.DNFrost.com/mapguide #TotKW A cartography exclusive workshop by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
This ongoing series delivers free guides based on my worldbuilding experience.

The latest guide is How to Make Fantasy Maps in Photoshop and other guides focus on additional worldbuilding facets like creating a language or magic system.

Explore more guides here: COMING SOON!

More TotKW exclusives

Merfolk Royalty: the many queens of Dynde reef www.DNFrost.com/royalty #TotKW A cultural exclusive by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
This ongoing series includes the remaining exclusive content about the Known World.

The latest exclusive is the Merfolk Royalty and others provide notes on things like the many names for magic spells and the functioning of the world's solunar calendar.

Explore more exclusives here:

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Download the List of Resources by D.N.Frost here, or start your adventure below.

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