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Vast Asleep & Ride Awake: Third Bookend of the TotKW Saga

Third Bookend:
Vast Asleep & Ride Awake

Epilogue of Book II & Prologue of Book III

The story of Kingard the Binder
in the Epilogue of Broken
& the Prologue of Conceived

This two-part novella contains both the epilogue of Book Two and the prologue of Book Three in the Chronicles of Mother's Gate series.

It is the third bookend of the Tales of the Known World saga, and is best read after finishing the second book, Broken.

It's a great follow-up to Book Two, a bonus story that adds extra layers but is set apart from the full-length narrative.

It recounts the story of Kingard the binder, who dreams of an afterlife where he is stuck in place, and whose waking moments follow a trail of destruction as his enemies penetrate the heartland.

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Vast Asleep follows the story of Kingard, who finds himself caught in a world called Mother's realm, bathed in glowing light but strangely stuck in place.

He encounters his greatson Varyan there, and learns that his experiences are likely dreams.

As he grows more accustomed to the loving realm around him, Kingard remembers fear and trepidation about the face of the world, and he loses contact with his companion.

This story answers the question, Is Kingard really dead? with a tentative no, and new mysteries brewing. It also raises the question, What's happening while he's awake? and transitions into the sister story Ride Awake, about Kingard's situation with the Colkh'rak.

In Ride Awake, Kingard awakens from his dreams to discover he is powerless and imprisoned by the enemy Colkh'rak.

Unable to move or breathe, he is carried along on an enchanted beam that forces him unconscious when he tries to stir his magic.

Kingard bears witness to a daemon horde ravaging the countryside, sickened by the terrible realization that the dark army is marching west, closing on the defenseless capital of Sierlyn.

This story answers the question, What's happening while he's awake? and raises new questions about Kingard's fate. These questions transition into Conceived, Book Three of the saga, where Kingard's story continues, revealing more about his captivity and the dire machinations he must thwart at all costs.

Praise for Tales of the Known World Bookends:
Loved it. The difference between the two stories is great!

The difference between the epilogue and prologue is astounding. So much light and love in the first story. You feel safe reading it. Healing.

The second, so much darkness, pain and despair. The choice of vocabulary is awesome and makes an impact.

And this set of short stories ties the two saga novels together so well.

-- Dana V. of Texas ★★★★★

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