Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Merfolk Royalty: a cultural exclusive

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Hello, there! Thanks for your interest in the merfolk royalty of the Known World. My name is D.N.Frost, and I'm a fantasy author, fictional cartographer, and extensive worldbuilder. I've designed myriad cultures, constructed multiple languages, and produced numerous maps for my Tales of the Known World saga, as well as the royal family titles and succession available here.

How exactly does the merfolk royal family function? Instead of a single king and his queen, the Njyae family is comprised of many queens, who all participate in the Queen's Council of Dynde reef. The spouses of these queens become kings, and their children are princesses and princes.

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This is an exclusive peek at my personal notes about the Known World. It details the current royal family and their titles, and it outlines the rules for how titles are assigned and how terms of address are determined. It also traces the line of succession, and it explores all the contingencies that may arise when heirs are not produced or die unexpectedly.

I use these notes myself to map out the history of the royal family, and also to make sure I'm consistent in all the scenes involving mer royalty. I'm proud to offer you this corollary to the Language Appendix available for free download, and I hope you use this resource to enhance your enjoyment of my saga.

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