Thursday, December 7, 2017

Portents of Mother's Gate: Story Book from the TotKW Saga

Story Book:
Portents of Mother's Gate

Prophesy from the era arranged as epic poetry.

In a world rife with prophesy, the future is already written
and the predictions of yesteryear become the story books of today...

As the Chronicles of Mother's Gate unfold, scholars interpret portents old and new to decipher the future of the Known World and publish fresh details for an eager public.

This is a story book of that era, a contemporary publication of epic poetry recounting heroic deeds of the past, the present, and the coming future.



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Praise for Portents of Mother's Gate:
These poems are wonderfully rhythmic.

They are an adjunct to other books in the series, considered historical prophecy and repeated at every opportunity to remind us of the impeding events long before ordained.

The rhyme schemes lend ease to memorization, and it is worthy of an indulgent read, especially when read aloud.

I would recommend these as must read if you are reading the other books and an interesting read which would call me to read the series.

-- Karin V. of Calgary ★★★★★

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