Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why I Love World-Building: inspiration & spark

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I love the world-building process. I love inventing something complex and rife with human disparity. I believe people deserve a well-crafted story and a well-defined setting for that story to unfold. But I also want to contribute to the entertainment paradigm. I believe the world needs more good stories, and I want my stories to matter.

The world I've built allows me great freedom for storytelling. I explore different social structures and cultural models, experimenting with the human condition and examining how any society's practices influence its people. I question normativity, because every culture has its own normal. I experiment with different definitions of normal, and I probe how individuals resist the pressures of society.

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I also want the magic of my world to help readers understand the unity of nature, by showing the world from a more spiritual perspective. My readers relate to characters who live in a different paradigm, and they can resonate with the real spiritual maxims within that framework. By presenting this framework in a fictional setting, I provide a comfortable and safe venue for my readers to explore these spiritual truths without triggering people's real-world reservations about new ideas.

I love what I do. I must love what I do, because it can be long, lonely work. In many ways, writing a novel means surrendering the outside world to develop an inner world. Perhaps not all storytellers have found sanctity in their work, but when I weave my Tales of the Known World saga, I can tell that this is my calling.

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