Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Your Story Has No End: a storycraft workshop

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Stories never end, and they never begin. Most adventures start in the general vicinity of danger and daring endeavor. But while we don't hear about the boring parts, they are still part of the story. Characters experience the mundane as well as the tragic, but your narrative doesn't have to start at birth and end at death.

First off, let's concede that you can't fit it all into one story. A comprehensive lifetime of moments is too much to divulge through the course of one tale. But stories never start or stop, so you can pick up the story where it gets interesting and weave in the specific details that feel necessary. If some of your favorite details don't make the cut, you can always create a side story to feature your favorite details more prominently.

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Once you've picked a starting point for your tale, ride the plot along until there is some resolution. Something shifts, change occurs, and for better or worse, the characters find themselves in a respite after action. The story rests here. It may not feel fully ended, but stories never end. As long as the story rests, you find a stopping point.

From there, you can conclude a manuscript, or you can jump ahead to the next adventure in the storyline. In my Tales of the Known World saga, I slice each scene at the intersection of relevant and exciting, and that creates a gripping tale from start to finish. Just weave in the important information from boring events offstage.

Eventually, all stories wind down. The characters resolve their conflicts, peace settles over the land, and events grow mundane and small. Though the story continues, a boring tale set in Happily Ever After is no fun at all. Hop around to the different adventures to be had in your world--you'll find some larger than others, but all worthy tales.

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