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Praise for Awakening: TotKW reviews for Book One ★★★★★

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Unbridled, uncontrived, and groundbreaking.

This story really stands out.

It's as original as Watership Down, with puzzle pieces that snap together in satisfying succession.

The book becomes its own reality.

It feels like the author is a vessel responsible for the story, and she lets the story tell itself. I couldn't put it down, and I really want to read the next book.

Keep 'em coming!

- Jesse V. of Michigan ★★★★★

If you love Anne McCaffrey, J.R.R. Tolkien and Tad Williams,

then Awakening is a novel you will surely want to pick up.

D.N.Frost is a consummate world-builder with a knack for creating characters that are complex and three-dimensional.

Frost writes with graceful prose that is descriptive and well-edited. The plot is fast-paced and entertaining. What really sets this novel apart is the cartography, which is a spectacular accomplishment.

Incredible world-building!

- M.L. Spencer, author of The Rhenwars Saga ★★★★★

Fun, exciting and poetic.

I am looking forward to more in the series and whatever else D. creates!

Great 1st novel by an emerging new voice!

- Mike B. of Texas ★★★★★

Well done! Impressive first book.

D.N.Frost has a knack for creating a fantasy world with characters that you will want to get to know.

The characters are center-stage, but Frost also creates a world that becomes vivid in the reader’s imagination.

You won’t be able to put it down!

- Mike B. of Pennsylvania ★★★★★

A truly good book.

It's hard to put down.

- Edward O. of Michigan ★★★★★

I was on the edge of my seat as I turned each page.

This wonderfully written fantasy novel will have you wanting more. All of the characters and the Known World were so very well written.

Readers are always looking for a novel that is hard to put down. Look no further, Awakening is that novel.

Follow a slave with a special talent named Larin, the powerful elf Kingard, and young shape-shifter Darek as they escape from their troubles and travel with other fantastic characters heading for A’lara to fight a great evil.

I now want to see the Known World visually come to life; a movie adaptation would be amazing. Before reading Awakening, I never read any other fantasy novels. I have been converted to that genre. It had everything you would want in a great novel.

A fantasy novel you will never forget!

- Steven Daniel of Steven Daniel Books ★★★★★

As beautifully written as it is captivating.

For those of you who love to read, I highly recommend this book. You can get the ebook, or you can get a signed paperback from her page.

Let's support a talented person and author!

- Alithea G. of California ★★★★★

The reader is pulled along with the whirlwind of the character's experience.

In Awakening, there is always a character that we don't see or hear about, but she is the most important voice in the book. The author / storyteller / creator is always there guiding the characters to their fate with love.

Clearly this storyteller has immense passion for her characters, both the "good" ones and the "bad" ones. As you read - no, consume - this book, you can't but help wishing you were one of those beloved characters. You wish that you had your own storyteller who had such passion for you.

Bravo, storyteller, bravo!

- Sarah D. of New York ★★★★

Ideal for fans of Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey, & Brent Weeks.

Gripping, fluidly written. Frost's characters are involved, complex and brimming with an enlightened spark.

I can't put it down. Though I have yet to finish it, I already feel compelled to sing its praises.

Awakening refrains from the languidly written, hackneyed fantasy flooding my bookshelves with its calculating, determined protagonist and a stark angle to classic magical post-war dystopias. The character driven story feels natural and the characters themselves, especially the villains, easily evoke immersive, emotional response in the reader. Absolutely superb for a debut release.

Excellent! Can't wait for more.

- Jessie H. of Texas ★★★★★

Beautifully written.

Just finished Awakening, the 1st in the Tales of the Known World fantasy series by D.N.Frost!

Hell of an end. Can't wait for more!

- Julia D. of New Jersey ★★★★★

A great read - dark and intriguing.

I was super impressed with the character development and story line.

The author does a great job describing scenes and really lets the reader create an exciting world.

I can't wait for the next installment in the series!

- Nathan C. of Michigan ★★★★★

I devoured this book in a weekend.

I absolutely Can Not Wait for the next volume! #keepwriting

I'm super-impatient because that was one heck of an ending.

Must. Read. More.

- Karen L. of One Girl Circus ★★★★★

The book is really enjoyable.

I couldn't put it down!

- Cecilia C. of Michigan ★★★★★

Wow. Top-notch!

What drew me to Frost’s work was her uniquely illustrative appropriation of language. I love her use of the verb "ghosted" here:

A single window slit glowed in the distant stable complex, and she ghosted toward it, relying on the overcast night to see her safely across the open road.

When my eyes stumbled across this sentence, I was a bit taken aback at the author’s haunting eloquence. This is one of my all-time top five favorite sentences. There’s something distinctly powerful about what Frost is doing, undeniable evidence that she can write exceptionally well.

Absolutely amazing, almost unnervingly excellent.

- Jocelyn C. of WordHelps ★★★★★

Exceptional, well-written novel.

Very hard to put down without finishing.

Loved it. Very recommended!

- Anonymous review ★★★★★

I see a movie of the saga in the making!

D.N.Frost's persistence, patience, passion, talent and creativity
bring rich rewards.

- Domenica P. ★★★★★

First chapter is captivating!

- Don W. of France ★★★★★

Well-written and fascinating with a strong female lead character.

Picked up a new book today.

I can tell you right now that one of the reasons I decided to buy before I finished the first chapter is that the author writes well, and that encompasses a lot: grammar, cohesion, plot, and characters, to name a few things.

Not once did I have to go back and say to myself, "Hold on a minute, what was that?" or wonder whether she'd actually seen a word used before she decided to use it... I can be a bit critical.

Delicious, judging by the first chapter.

- Martha Ward, MLIS ★★★★★

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