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It lists both the books of the Tales of the Known World saga, as well as other books from D.N.Frost Publications.

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Your review can make a huge difference, both to me and to future readers. Did you know over 75% of people don't start reading a book unless they've seen a few positive reviews first? Your opinion matters!

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Write a review for Portents of Mother's Gate Write a review for Magic Codex of the Known World Write a review for Fantasy Map Maker Jump Start

Here are some examples of specific, helpful reviews:
"Ideal for fans of Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey, Brent Weeks. Frost’s characters are involved, complex and brimming with an enlightened spark."
– Jessie H. of Texas, for Awakening

"Unbridled, uncontrived, and groundbreaking. This story really stands out. I couldn't put it down. Keep 'em coming!"
– Jesse V. of Michigan, for Awakening

The best reviews answer questions that potential readers have:
• WHY did you like it?
• WHAT makes it stand out?
• WHO else is going to like this book?
• WHAT other books are similar?

Another way to write a review is to imagine you are telling a friend about the book, someone you already know would love it. Just be honest and point out the reasons you think they would enjoy it.

Thanks again for reading! I really appreciate your feedback.

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