Friday, August 22, 2014

My First Live Performance: inspiration & spark

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Last Friday, I read from Awakening live for the Streetcar Series, a creative expo in the Detroit area. As a former singer and drama student, I was no stranger to performing in front of an audience. But as an author, I've spent a long time alone with my words, and I had to switch into extrovert-mode to climb onstage and bring those words to life.

The proposition both enthused and terrified me. But I am a storyteller first, and an author second. Writers may be reclusive, but the storytelling tradition is grounded in performance art. With a 20-minute set to fill, I opted to read Chapter Two for the audience. Not only is Chapter One posted free on my website, but Chapter Two introduces a new set of characters, and offers more scene breaks as potential stopping points.

After a jittery day of check-listing and meditating, I embarked on the 90-minute drive to the neighborhood of Hamtramck. The long transit steeled my nerves, and the venue's atmosphere reminisced of my hometown Austin, Texas. Soaking in the cool Cafe 1923, I admired walls lined with art and laden bookshelves.

My set came after an open mic segment, so I set up shop in a corner and focused on staying calm until my turn on stage. Amidst the whirl of poetry slams and karaoke came the sweet tone of an ocarina, keening a tune from Majora's Mask. Then came a low dirge from the Lord of the Rings, and a medley of Zelda songs woven across the theme from Star Wars. I realized my target audience of gamers, Ren Faire goers, and fantasy fans extraordinaire had turned out in force to hear what I'd come to share.

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Projecting my voice over the cafe's exhaust fan, I rattled through my opening remarks and relaxed into the story. My revision process hinges on reading text aloud, so I found the flow of words natural and familiar. Within minutes, the persistent chatter that had plagued open mic died away, and I wove my story for a spellbound audience.

Twenty minutes later, the enthralled room quivered back to life and burst into applause! As the crowd surged into discussion, my closing remarks fell on deaf ears, and I headed back to my booth with mixed feelings. But the shop owner ran up for a signed paperback, and unleashed a merry tide of piqued imaginations. I signed books for new fans and took subscribers to my monthly newsletter until the cafe locked its doors.

Then came the after-party, where I talked with my kindred nerds about fan-fiction, gaming, and world-building. I unveiled my vision of encouraging fan-fiction where most authors reject it, and of sharing the Known World with my fellow gamers, who are just as capable of grand storytelling but have more fun with a ready backdrop. Fans met these dreams with overwhelming delight, encouraging me to build a community where they could gather to celebrate their own adventures in the Known World.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who came out to see me, I had a great time at my live reading. I really connected with my target audience, found new fans, and made new friends. Before I left for the evening, they invited me back for Shire Day, where the seven meals of Tolkien's hobbits rule the related LotR festivities. On the long drive home, I reveled in their joy at my story, and their motivating extolments of my dream to open the Tales of the Known World saga to fans. Perhaps, in the not-too-distant future, I can help unleash the storyteller inside us all.

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