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Welcome to TotKW Books: explore the books, maps, and creative workshops from D.N.Frost www.DNFrost.com Epic fantasy reimagined by D.N.Frost #TotKW Part of a series.
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Broken: Book II

An empowering tale of beginning anew.

Divided in purpose and forsaken by prophesy, the legendary elf Kingard's fractured band splinters under the burdens of impending war.

Without new portents to guide them, Kingard and his allies face a blind scramble to defend their imperiled empire.

A Note on the Uncommon Spelling of Prophesy

Throughout the saga, this word is spelled with an /s/ in all cases. There are three linguistic reasons for choosing this variant spelling.

Hello there!

My name is D.N.Frost, and I'm a fantasy author, cartographer, and creative mentor.

My love for storytelling drives me to build the Known World, map its lands, and tell its tales.

I love exploring culture, psychology, and language through my characters and their gripping adventures.

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Map Your World

Mapping your world is the single best thing you can do as a worldbuilder.

This powerful creative tool brings you more interaction, better motivation, and new inspiration.

The Known World The Allanic Empire The Glades of Despair The City A'lara The Ring of Yuuny'ii The Inner Empire The Slums of Lowtown The Allanic Empire (sepia) The Nine Hells The Khollek Mountains The Forests of Kalrein The Sutek Desert Dua Daralel The Kelp Beds of Sonne Rovikya The Nine Hells (sepia) The Katei Ocean The Reefs of Seyodi Rovikya The Reefs of Rajaweh Rovikya The Ring of Luul'waale New Ryerin The East Katei The Katei Ocean (sepia) The Back Rishi The Front Rishi The Reefs of Dynde The Eastern Front Pebble Beach The Red Sea The Back Rishi (sepia) The Known World (sepia) Map Key

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