Books of the Known World: the epic fantasy saga

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Books of the Known World: welcome to the epic fantasy saga #TotKW by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13
Tales of the Known World, or TotKW for short, is my fantasy saga.

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Book One: Awakening

A potent tale of self-discovery.

Awakening: Book I, by D.N.Frost. The latest adventure from TotKW Books.
United by fate and guided by prophesy, the legendary elf Kingard leads a band of fugitives to oust an ancient evil infiltrating the imperial capital.

But looming over the gears of fate, their enemies follow the same prophesies.

With the unknown close upon them, Kingard and his allies face a mortal quest to restore their infected empire.

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Book Two: Broken

An empowering tale of beginning anew.
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Coming soon! Book Two: Broken, by D.N.Frost #TotKW
Divided in purpose and forsaken by prophesy, the elf Kingard and his fractured team splinter under the burdens of impending war.

But looming beyond the eastern horizon, their enemies ready a ghastly armada.

Without new portents to guide them, Kingard and his allies face a blind rush to defend their imperiled empire.

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The TotKW Books

What is TotKW? My fantasy saga, Tales of the Known World #TotKW An introduction by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
My Tales of the Known World saga takes place in a fantasy world rife with magic, prophesy, elves, faeries, and a slew of other fantasy tropes that I've put my own unique spin on.

You can read more about my saga and its intended audience in the blog post What is TotKW? here.

The novels explore themes of humanity, such as destiny and free will, the rise and fall of civilizations, good and evil, and the individual's journey to find purpose in the world. The series also probes many social constructs like inequality, tradition, propaganda, religion, fame, corruption, loyalty, and prejudice.

I intend Tales of the Known World to encompass all the stories that take place in this fantasy realm, whether they are directly connected or not. "The Known World" refers to the portion of the fantasy realm known to the peoples whom each story is about, as opposed to a single static map.

In addition to the different "Known Worlds" of various regions, the assorted peoples of the series have different cultures, practices, and magic abilities, as well as different religious and philosophical explanations for magic and life in general. You can check the Resources page for a complete list of available notes and bonus content.

I try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but you can sneak peeks behind the scenes with Inside TotKW Books, my free exclusive newsletter just for fans. You'll even get a free ebook when you subscribe below!

This page will be altered as publishing updates occur. Latest update: 3/2/2017

Welcome inside TotKW Books. Your gripping fantasy adventure awaits. Where can I send your free ebook?
Your adventure awaits.
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  1. Hello there! My name is D.N.Frost, and I'm a fantasy author, cartographer, and world-builder. My love for storytelling drives me to build the Known World, map its lands, and tell its tales. Let me send you my free ebook at!


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