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Awakening, The Weary Legend: a character sample

Awakening, The Weary Legend: Kingard's story from Book One #TotKW A character sample by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
This post is part of a series to augment the Chronicles of Mother's Gate available for free download.

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The Weary Legend: Kingard's Story is an 8,500-word excerpt from Awakening, Book One of the Tales of the Known World saga. Download this free character sample here.

At the rocky edge of Kalrein’s black pine forests, a crack of thunder split the night, shaking snow down from the ashen boughs sixty feet in the air. Dusting off his shoulders, Kingard bent to brush pine needles from the forest floor, a terrible foreboding in his gut as he conjured a fire to burn within the cleared circle. “Master Lorvelle,” called the elf, his dark eyes narrowed against the glow. “I’ve arrived.”

“You have not,” an amused voice contradicted from the flames. “But you are near. There is a tavern in Porthal, Kingard. The Black Wolf by name. Enter tomorrow and you will meet thy quarry.”

Shifting in anxiety, the elf inquired, “All of them? Who are they, do you have names yet? How will I know them? And what of Xolyu–?”

“You will know as we have always known, old friend. Questions are all answered in time.”

With a scowl, Kingard folded his arms and glared like the voice could see him. “Of course they are.” He could think of a thousand questions left unanswered, and he’d had more time than most.

A soft laugh drifted out of the fire. “You shall see. Until tomorrow, Kingard–”

“Wait, you’re coming?” yelped the elf. “Yourself?” After centuries of waiting for his call to action, it rattled Kingard to think Lorvelle would see them off in person. “Is that wise, Master? Or necessary? ...Lorvelle? Lorvelle!” But the fire hissed wordlessly back at him, and the voice replied no more. “All nine bloody Hells and Her bastard brat!” he cursed, kicking wet dirt into the flames and letting them fizzle into darkness.

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