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Awakening, The Gifted Runaway: a character sample

Awakening, The Gifted Runaway: Larin's story from Book One #TotKW A character sample by D.N.Frost @DNFrost13 Part of a series.
This post is part of a series to augment the Chronicles of Mother's Gate available for free download.

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The Gifted Runaway: Larin's Story is a 9,800-word excerpt from Awakening, Book One of the Tales of the Known World saga. Download this free character sample here.

Larin could taste soot in the snow swirling across the auction block, and she appraised the small gathering of bidders. In a sibilant language like nothing she’d heard before, the auctioneer screeched above the wind to begin the sale, shaking a fistful of Larin’s blonde hair toward the crowd. A harsh cacophony broke out in reply, and Larin quashed the homesick panic rising in her chest. She refused to long for Kanata, her old prison of sugar cane and sunlight, when the icy crags bearing down on her would prove no different in the end.

Analyzing the waterfall of consonants spouting from all around, Larin fought to find meaning in the occasional vowel bubbling through the chaos. The language couldn’t be any form of Allanic, which had united most of the Known World for centuries. “And I have ten thousand, do I hear fifteen?” shrieked the auctioneer, brandishing her by the scalp. “Fifteen thousand for this stunning young virgin!”

Though the words meant nothing to her, the crowd’s surge of intensity spoke volumes. Calls burst forth from every direction, and a tall man loitering back from the rabble flicked two fingers in the air to join the bid.

Polished silver capped the sharp points of his backswept ears, and his pale yellow horsetail shone white in the overcast glare of midmorning. Head and shoulders above the dark-haired crowd, he made a fist to bid again, his handsome features contorting into a crazed smirk when he noticed Larin’s scrutiny. Startled, she snapped her gaze up to the sharp ridges over the town, but the elf’s manic grin lingered in her mind’s eye. Sweet Mother, she prayed, don’t let him buy me!

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