Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Prophesy of the Month: a riddle in rhyme August 2017

Your adventure awaits...  

Riddle in Rhyme: Through timeless mire innate desire, Would deep unearth the future rose... Prophesy of the Month August 2017: from Broken, Book II of the TotKW Saga by D.N.Frost http://www.dnfrost.com/2017/08/prophesy-of-month-riddle-in-rhyme.html
In Broken, 24 prophesies encode the secrets of the upcoming TotKW Saga.

See the full codex at DNFrost.com/prophesy.

Can you decode
the future Tales of the
Known World

Kyelin Wandah Lohki XII
2:3:2:5/5, III:IX

The precious gift laconic grows
Adrift in royal's tortured throes
Through timeless mire, innate desire
Would deep unearth the future rose

Awakened depths in timeless jail
Of wisdom scholars all curtail
For truth inquire, and youth inspire
To humble high and herald hale.

I love the rhymes of this prophesy! Though it comes to pass in Book 3, the portent contains a number of salient clues for readers of Broken. What are the tortured throes of this royal, and what do you think his timeless jail refers to?

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Your adventure awaits.
Where can I send your free ebook?


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